Mrs. Leah Kohn

Mrs. Leah Kohn is the Director of the Jewish Renaissance Center. A tenth-generation Jerusalemite, she trained as an educator in her native Israel and has been teaching internationally for 40 years. Mrs. Kohn’s intellectually inspiring classes are geared toward today’s woman, focusing on how the Torah’s age-old wisdom is relevant to our modern lives. Whether formally lecturing, leading a casual discussion group, or offering personal guidance, Mrs. Kohn's unique blend of wisdom, insight and sensitivity leaves an indelible mark on all her students. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Rabbi Chaim Kohn.

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Rabbi Chaim Kohn

Rabbinical Advisor of the JRC, Rabbi Kohn serves as the Dean of The Institute of Jewish Jurisprudence and is currently the Rabbi of a Synagogue in Flatbush. He is widely consulted on various topics in Jewish law, most notably business law and kashrut, his areas of expertise.







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