The Jewish Renaissance Center is the only Manhattan-based outreach program for women, offering quality classes to students of all ages, affiliations, and levels of scholarship. Since its inception in 1983, the Jewish Renaissance Center has provided thousands of students with a forum in which to embark on an intriguing journey through the Torah’s age-old wisdom, with a special focus on its relevance to the lives of modern Jewish women.

The JRC is more than just a learning program. It is a community. The welcoming, non-judgmental environment avails like-minded women the opportunity to connect with intellectually curious and growth-oriented contemporaries. Our staff of educators forge personal relationships with students, offering guidance both intellectually and spiritually.  We encourage our students to share their questions and welcome their feedback, an essential component in shaping our ever-evolving programs.  The JRC offers classes in Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island and Brooklyn, and offers seminars outside of the New York area.


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