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Five Books of Moses
Stone Chumash (ArtScroll)

Outlook and Philosophy
On Judaism (Emanuel Feldman)
If You Were G-d (R’ Aryeh Kaplan)
Permission to Receive (Lawrence Keleman)
Permission to Believe (Lawrence Keleman)
Strive for Truth (R’ Eliyahu Dessler)
The Informed Soul (R’ David Gottlieb)
Ethics From Sinai (R’ Irving M. Bunim)
Nineteen Letters (R’ Samson Rafael Hirsch)
Challenge of Sinai (R’ Zechariah Fendel)
Modern Liberation (Leah Levi)
9 Questions People Ask about Judaism (Dennis Prager)
On Judaism (R’ Feldman)
Pathways of the Just (R’ Dr. Abraham Twerski)
Gateway to Judaism: The What, How and Why of Jewish Life (Rabbi Mordechai Becher)

Self Help and Growth
(R’ Zelig Pliskin)
Love Your Neighbor
Guard Your Tongue

Jewish Law

Horev (R’ Samson Rafael Hirsch)


The Book of our Heritage (R’ Eliyahu Kitov)
Friday Night and Beyond (Lori Palatnik)
On Shabbos (Lori Palatnik)
Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur Survival Kit & Survival Kit Haggadah (Shimon Apisdorf)
The One Hour Purim Primer (Shimon Apisdorf)

Marriage and Family

Made in Heaven (R’ Aryeh Kaplan)
The River, the Kettle and the Bird (R’ Aharon Feldman)
The Death of Cupid (Nachum Braverman & Shimon Apisdorf)
Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore (R’ Manis Friedman)
The Magic Touch (Gila Manolson)
Inside Outside (Gila Manolson)

The Jewish Woman

To Be a Jewish Woman (Lisa Aiken)
Waters of Eden (R’ Aryeh Kaplan)
Jewish Women in Jewish Law (R’ Moshe Meiselman)
Total Immersion (Rivka Slonim)
Hedge of Roses (R’ Lamm)
Aura: A Reader on Jewish Womanhood (Tema Gurary)


My Child, My Disciple (R’ Noach Orlowek)
Effective Jewish Parenting (Miriam Levi)
Make Me Don’t Break Me (R’ Moshe Gans)
Raising Children to Care (Miriam Adahan)
A Delicate Balance (S. Radcliffe)

The Aryeh Kaplan Series

Sabbath: Day of Eternity
Tefillin: G-d, Man & Tefillin
Tzitzith: A Thread of Light
Waters of Eden
Jerusalem,: Eye of the Universe
The Real Messiah
The Infinite Light: A Book About G-d
If You Were G-d
Maimonides Principles

Teshuva – Return to Judaism

Anatomy of a Search (R’ Akiva Tatz)
The Bamboo Cradle (Avraham Schwartzbaum)
Migrant Soul (Avi Shafran)
Return (Herman Branover)
The Road Back (R’ Mayer Schiller)

Torah and Science

Genesis and the Big Bang (Gerald Schroeder)
B’Or HaTorah (Herman Branover)
The Obvious Proof (Gershon Robinson & Mordechai Steinman)
Fusion: Absolute Standards in a World of Relativity (Arnie Gotfryd)

Jewish History

Triumph of Survival & Herald of Destiny (Berel Wein)


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