Once upon a time people left Judaism because they had questions.

Today they are coming back for the same reason...

Nowadays people are finding answers - profound, meaningful and exceptionally relevant answers. Where? In the Torah. At the Jewish Renaissance Center, women of all ages and backgrounds discover Torah for themselves. Classes are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. With instructors and staff dedicated to meeting the needs of today's Jewish woman, the JRC offers a unique blend of quality education and personal guidance.

The JRC is dedicated to women's issues and stresses the historic contribution of women to Judaism. Programs address the unique spiritual and intellectual aspects of Jewish womanhood, and focus on the integration of 3300 years of Jewish wisdom into everyday life.

The Jewish Renaissance Center offers an open door for the woman who wishes to define her background on her own terms. The curriculum allows the student to proceed at her own pace, and as her personal schedule permits. JRC programs range from an intensive day of learning before a major holiday and twice-yearly full weeks of learning, to on-going course offerings in texts, philosophy, literature, and law. And, because Judaism is more than an academic experience, the JRC takes learning beyond the classroom with an array of special events such as Shabbat and holiday hospitality, women's forums, one-on-one learning, Rosh Chodesh celebrations, and more.

Today's spiritually honest and intellectually demanding woman is seeking to make an informed choice when it comes to her core identity. The Jewish Renaissance Center makes an informed choice possible. Before you can make an informed choice, it helps to be... informed! Enter the world of the Jewish Renaissance Center and let the world of Judaism enter you.



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Examining the 10 Stages of Growth leading up to to the Receiving of the Torah
The 7th Rung: "..who can swear to his detriment without retracting, who lends not his money on interest, nor takes a bribe against the innocent"/ not commit adultery, steal , or covet
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Parshas Chukat 2021/5781 The Connection Between the Complaints about the Manna and the Serpent
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